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Analysing wind farm maximum potential

Scaning, calculating how much more you could use wind on your site.

  • 48 hours
  • 3.250 evrov
  • Tržaška cesta

Service Description

1. We will run simulation on your existing wind power plant location and calculate your complete wind potential on site. (information from customer: hub hight, rated power, type of wind turbine, wind rose, yearly wind speed in format 9,54 m/s, power price for MWh). 2. Exploring possible use of windex technology, researching free space in wind farm. Preparing first layout draft of additional wind project using Windex X-modules. 3. Calculate additional rated power which can be add to your existing windfarm location. 4. Calculation: how much yield, you can additionally produced with Windex solution at existing wind farm. 5. Create business plan for suplemental wind farm (you provide us with price information at your location).

Contact Details

  • Tržaška cesta 9, Postojna, Slovenia


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